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Denture Terminology

An impression is an imprint of your teeth, gums, and surrounding oral structures.
A try-in lets you check the appearance of your denture or partial before it is processed. The teeth are set up in wax and can be changed if needed.
Bite Check
Your bite is the way your upper and lower teeth fit together when you close.
This is adjusting and placing dentures and partials in your mouth.
This procedure is checking where your denture or partial is hurting you and then trimming those areas to make the denture or partial more comfortable. This is not the same as a reline. (See reline below)
Immediate Denture
This is removing natural teeth and putting a denture or partial in the mouth the same day. The advantage to this service is leaving with teeth in your mouth. Most people do not want to go without teeth during the initial healing time of 4-6 months although this is the best option in terms of fit. An immediate denture is loose from the beginning and will become more loose as the gums shrink so adhesive will need to be used until the denture can be relined in 4-6 months.
A reline involves adding material to the base of a denture or partial so it will better fit the new shape of your gums and mouth. There is a charge for this service.